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Molly Beyer - Assistant Teacher 2011/12

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Molly Beyer Molly came in with a friendly smile, a hearty 'Hello, everyone!' and some sheets with preparations in her hands. We already knew her from our English classes last school year and were happy to work with her for another year. I think you can learn a foreign language much better if you talk with native speakers like Molly. And she really helped us get better! We often discussed typical clichés about America, the people and how they live; and Molly gave us good insights into the real life. She always encouraged us to talk and have discussions with her. She was never 'teacherly' but friendly and patient! It was definitely a great fortune that Molly stayed for a second year at our school and I’m really going to miss her lessons. (Amadea Brenner, 7A)

I enjoyed working with Molly and always looked forward to her lessons. Our discussions helped us look inside the real America - apart from all our clichés and Hollywood movies. I benefitted from these conversations and I could see how good my English really is. Molly is a delightful person and whenever she came with all those pages filled with that wonderfully tiny handwriting of hers, she was full of energy and ready to tell us about things we didn’t know or had never thought of. Molly stayed at the BRG for two years and for me she already belongs to that place. I will definitely miss the time we had together. (Sophia Hödl, 7A)

Molly is a kind and positive person. She always gave us time to think about the topics we discussed. When you talk to her you have the feeling of being understood - and that is great! It makes you want to keep on talking. In the lessons with Molly I learned to talk slowly and be more confident. Molly told us a lot about the Americans, their presidents, and their way of life. I hope Molly has a good future and I wish her all the best! (Lea Orbes, 7A)

I was impressed by how perfectly Molly prepared herself for each lesson. She always knew a lot about our topics. With her, it was never boring for anyone. I also think that we improved our English, because it is helpful to talk to a native speaker. We’ll miss Molly and I’m convinced she is going to be a great teacher! (Viktoria Unger, 7A)

Every lesson with Molly was an enrichment. She is a nice and friendly person and we had great conversations. We often talked about America, the people who live there, and their life styles. Other topics concerned cultural issues, religion in America, and a lot more. Molly would always provide us with excellent insights. She can describe and explain things in a way that makes it easy to follow her. And you can have a lot of fun with her, too - which has made our conversations better. I want to say: thank you, Molly, for the many things I could learn from you! (Matthias Hochsteiner, 7B)

Molly, it was great how you helped me with my Wahlpflicht group! (Peter Trautwein)


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