Me and My Family


What to do: Homework: Done?

1. My Story... Vampire Family Tree (Reading, Writing: A1/2)
Worksheet A Vampire Family Tree (not available for copyright reasons)
Fill in the Vampire Family Tree and then answer the questions. Make a list of all the words for relatives in the back of your exercise book!

Learn the names of the relatives!
Make your own family tree.

2. A Family Circle (Research, Writing: B1)
Work card A Family Circle (Source: Investigating Family History, A. Honey; National Trust Publication, 1992)

Fill in as much information as possible about members of your family. How far back can you still find information?

You will need to do some research for this! Ask your parents and other people in your family for information!


3. My Family (Reading, Writing: A2)
Text card: My Family

Read the text and answer the questions. Then write all about your own family.

Finish your writing.  

4. The Harrison Family(Reading, Writing: A2/B1)
Worksheet  The Harrison Family
Read about Mrs Harrison and fill in her form..


5. Jenny writes home (Reading, Writing: B1)
Work card: Jenny writes home
Read the letter about Jenny's holiday and make a table in your exercise book. Then solve the email problem and write it out in your book.

Finish and learn your list of opposites.

6. Poems about families EXTENSION (Reading, Learning and Reciting: B1)

Work cards: Family poems / How to learn a poem.

Choose a poem and learn it off by heart.

Learn the poem ready to say in front of the class!!

Date of presentation: .............

7. Short stories about families EXTENSION (Reading: B1)
"Licked" by Paul Jennings: from the collection "Unbearable", Puffin Books, Australia, 1990.
Read in a small group; then allocate parts and act it out!