Sprachwoche "English in Action" der 4. Klassen vom 28.9.-2.10.2015,
Präsentation am Freitag ab 10.30 Uhr (auch für Schüler/innen der 3. Klassen) mit Übergabe der Zertifikate

Dear Gabi and Maria and Rosemary

We would like to say a hearty thanks for making this week so smooth! Thank you for
organising all of this and for the sweet treats! We have had a great week!   Aisha

Thank you for all of your support. I have had a fantastic week here and the students
were so lovely! Best wishes!     Ruby

This has been one of my favourite schools I have ever taught at. Thank you for
everything.   Michael

Thank you for making our time here so special. We really enjoyed teaching
the children. Thank you.    Salifu