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Englisch 2002/03:

6 Texte, die von Schülern der 4. Klassen im Schuljahr 2002/2003 verfasst wurden

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Graveyard  Adventure


The Monster behind the Dustbins

The old soldier



Special Halloween



The Scream












Graveyard  Adventure




One day, my friends and I had an idea. On the 31st of October- Halloween, we wanted to go to the graveyard to test our courage there. I wasn´t very enthusiastic, but I didn´t want to be a spoilsport, and so we met that day at nine o´clock at my friend´s house. Everybody was frightened, but nobody wanted to be a coward, and so we walked to the graveyard- it was already quarter past nine. Then we stood in front of it for a while. It was very scary and creepy. Nobody wanted to go in first, so my best friend Otto and I were brave and went on. It was pitch dark, Otto and I went hand in hand because we were nearly terrified. Suddenly something behind us made very strong and strange noises. Otto jumped. What shall we do? After some seconds, we went on. Then we saw something white in front of a grave. I got the creeps and I was pale. We were sure:  It was a haunt! At this moment, the white thing started coming closer and closer. Suddenly I knew what it was. It was an headless ghost-lady!! This ghost said with a shaky voice:


“Go to hell! I will kill you! Say your last prayer! “Oh my goodness, I thought. We couldn´t run away, because Otto and I were trapped in a corner and we weren´t able to move one limb, because we were so frightened. Then a mummy appeared, grabbed my hand, and began to torture me. He hit my head against a tombstone and put his white bandage, which was hanging from his arms and legs, around me. I tried to scream, but the mummy put his hand against my mouth, so I wasn´t able to. In the meantime, the headless ghost tried to put Otto into a coffin and wanted to bury him. But my friend could get away and ran to the others, who were waiting in front of the burial place. Immediately they came to me and chased the two away with branches. After that, we ran out of the graveyard, and I knew, Otto - my rescuer - and I were victims of two Halloween monsters. And I´m sure, if my friends hadn´t helped me, they would have killed me that night- at HaLlOwWeEn !!






The Monster behind the Dustbins




One day in 1999 I went home from my football training. Normally it takes me one hour to go home. But this day I walked and walked and walked, but I didn't get home. I had got lost on the way. It was dark and it was dripping. I went along a creepy street. At the end of the street, there was a small light and there were four or five dustbins. It was really scary there. I was really afraid. I went towards the dustbins and then I heard a loud, scary noise. This noise came from the dustbins. I came nearer and nearer to the dustbins. Suddenly I saw a big monster. It was eating a human dead body. I was terrified. The monster wasn't an animal, it was a real monster. It had a bull head and its feet looked like gorilla feet. Its hands looked like dinosaur hands and they were covered with blood. And it had a tail that looked like a crocodile tail. It smelled of sulphur. It bit meat out of the dead body and spat a piece of it out. On the ground was some blood from the dead body. I hoped that this monster would not see me. I didn't know what to do. I thought, "If I ran away, it could see me and run after me and it would bite me to death. But if I stood here, it could see me and grab me and then it would kill me! How horrible!!!!" Suddenly it stood up and saw me. I was afraid and ran away. I didn't look back, but I heard its steps. I ran and ran and ran.



For one moment I looked back, but the monster wasn't there. I ran and looked back again, suddenly I ran against a big body. Frightened, I looked into the face of the monster. My body shook and I freed myself from the hands of the beast. Then I ran away. After three minutes I came to a graveyard. I hid behind a gravestone and I said my last prayer. Suddenly I heard the heavy steps of the beast. I hoped that the beast would not find me, because if it did it would kill me. Its steps became louder and louder and louder. Step, step, step. I began to sweat and suddenly I saw the monster in front of me. I began to scream and I ran away. I ran between the gravestones and jumped over an empty grave. Then I hid behind a big gravestone. I was deadly pale and I felt very cold. After some minutes fog rose from the ground. At the same moment I saw the shadow of the beast in the dark. I knew that the monster couldn't jump over the grave. But then the beast saw me and ran towards me. I couldn't believe my eyes, because the beast jumped over the empty grave. I screamed, " This is the end of my life!!!". The monster grabbed my neck and crushed me on the ground. Then the monster wanted to bite me! His teeth came nearer and nearer. And it bit me

RRRRRRing!!! My alarm clock rang. It was just a dream!!






The old soldier



George, Rick and Jessica were very good friends and they always played tricks on people. George's hobby was his film camera and so he had the idea to film the graveyard. Rick and Jessica didn't want to do this, but George was their friend and so they went to the graveyard together at night. George was very interested in the grave of an old soldier. So they went to the burial place. It was really creepy. Rick and Jessica were


very afraid, but George was only thinking of his film. Suddenly George opened the coffin. In it was the dead Sir Jones, the best soldier in Western America. At this moment the coffin lid fell shut and George's hand was caught. Rick and Jessica were so afraid, that they ran away. They got the pastor to look for George, but he had disappeared. And nobody ever saw him again!!!






Special Halloween

written by MARTIN WÜHRER



Last night was a special night, it was Halloween! Do you know what Halloween is? - It's the night, when children dress up as ghosts, witches, mummys, or other scary figures. But last night was a special Halloween. I have never been so scared, as last night.
But I will tell you the complete story:
On Thursday 31st October I was walking home from school. I was very happy, because I had been invited to a Halloween party. So I did my homework as fast as I could and afterwards I dressed up as a ghost and walked to my friends. We played lots of funny Halloween games, so it was a very good party. At nine o'clock I walked from house to house with my friends. We said "Trick or Treat". We got lots of sweets! At 12 o'clock we walked towards home. 
What was that at the full moon's light? - A wolf? -In the cemetery? - What could it be? - Oh no! It was a werewolf!!!!! 


I said to the others," Come on, let’s run, before it catches us". But it was too late, it had already seen us and wanted to catch us, so we ran as fast as we could. But the distance between the horrible monster and us was shrinking very fast. After a few minutes we couldn't run any more because we were too tired, so we had to stop.

 The monster came nearer and nearer. We could feel its breath. - We got the creeps!!!! - Suddenly the monster took off its disguise and we were facing Tom who had played a trick on us because he had not been invited to our party. When we had recovered from the shock, we began to laugh and laugh and laugh. After that Tom was always invited to our Halloween parties.






The Scream

written by STEFAN HUEMER



This is the story about somebody who liked to scream. One day in late afternoon, when he was walking through the forest, he heard the noise of a scream and he started to run but he fell into a grave. The scream came nearer and nearer and then the scream bit him in his neck. The boy changed into a zombie. He got out of the grave and started to walk towards his house.


When he arrived, he killed his family and his dog and when he was finished, he cut his veins but he didn't die. Two days later, he was bored and he decided to jump from a very big bridge, but he didn't die. So he could never die and every year on 31 October he comes and kills other people.










Two years ago my family and I were looking for a new house, because our flat was too small. We found a cheap and old house in a quiet area. When we were living in the house a few days, it was HALLOWEEN! On Halloween night my parents were going to a Halloween party. So my little sister and I were alone in a big house.
One day before, I had fetched pumpkins from the garden and hollowed them out. Then I had put candles into all five of them and the next day I had put them into the hall, because my sister and I wanted to make our own Halloween party.
At eight o'clock my parents drove away. When we closed the door behind them, it was very quiet and only the candles in the pumpkins gave some light. Suddenly the wind put out the candles.
I was scared, because all the windows were closed.



My sister and I tried to find the switch for the light, but we couldn't. We were very afraid! So we went up to the first floor and when we were in one of the many rooms, the door shut behind us. I was really shocked. And then we heard strange voices. Suddenly somebody switched on the light. What I saw was really horrible. On the bed a skeleton was lain and in the corner two witches were standing. Suddenly they moved towards us and they began to laugh! So I knew that they were children and no ghosts!
They told us, that they were children and no ghosts! They told us, that they had come in, when our parents had gone away. They had done that because our mother had not given them any sweets, when they had called: "Trick or Treat!" That was a Halloween party, I'll never forget!!