Text: Christa Schwandtner, 3a HS Mauerkirchen
supported by HOL Irmgard Schamberger


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  Hugo was a frog. A little green frog. He lived in a pond with lots of other frogs. All frogs liked jumping into the water and singing in the evening. Only Hugo was sitting on a stone and watching the others. He thought, "The pond is boring. I would like to see the world. I want to go down in frog-history! Tomorrow morning, when all the others are still sleeping, I'll leave them. I will write them a letter, because I don't want that they have to worry about me."

The next morning Hugo's alarm clock rang at three o'clock. He had a large breakfast and jumped away. He jumped and jumped until he came to a railway station. He looked around and jumped onto a train. Then he fell asleep.

When the train stopped, Hugo woke up. He jumped out and saw the Slant Tower of Pisa. He climbed on in. Suddenly the tower went "CRACKS" and fell down. All the people in Italy were very, very angry. So Hugo quickly made his getaway. He jumped into the next best train.

When he got out of the train again, he was in Egypt. He saw a strange statue. Half of it was a lion, the second half was a human body. It was the sphinx. Hugo climbed up the sphinx, sat down on its nose and watched the tourists. As the people noticed Hugo, some of them shouted, "Look, there's a frog on the sphinx!" Hugo grinned. When he wanted to climb down, he slipped and fell down to the sandy ground. Suddenly it went "CRACKS" again. Luckily Hugo was fast enough when a piece of stone fell down. This is the way the sphinx lost its nose.

Hugo continued his adventure. He jumped into the Nile. He swam and swam when suddenly a crocodile was in front of him. Hugo was scared and dived to the bank. He had a rest and off he jumped.

Three weeks later he was in India. His legs hurt terribly. When he saw a cow, he went to it and asked, "Can I ride on you?" The cow looked at Hugo and answered, "Jump on my back!" On the way to a small village Hugo told the cow about his adventures. When they were in the village, all the people shouted, "Oh my goodness! The holy cow! The devil's ghost is in the frog! Catch it quickly!" And so Hugo had to flee again.

He came to a harbour where he jumped onto a big ship. The ship took him to Greece. The day he arrived in Greece the Olympic Games started. Hugo remembered that Olympic Games take place every four years. He wanted to see the Olympic fire from close up. When he was standing in front of it, he felt a tickle in his nose. Suddenly it went "ATISHOO!" Hugo had to sneeze and the fire went out. All people were angry. So angry that Hugo had to make himself scarce. With a daring jump into the sea he saved his life.

He thought, "I really don't get it! It's been impossible to find a nice, small pond in this big world. I've travelled around the world. I've been in China, in New York, in London, in Italy, in Greece, in India and in Egypt, but I've only caused disasters!"

Although Hugo was very weak and tired the next day, he walked and walked, he jumped and jumped. Suddenly he saw a small pond with some frogs in it. It was "HIS" pond. He said happily, "I am at home again, I am in Austria!" He jumped into the water and told his friends about his adventures.

Hugo was the first frog that had made a journey round the world. And so he really went down in frog-history. But from now on he often called to memory, "The best place for living is at home!"