Afghanistan in English

Die 2a-Klasse widmete sich Afghanistan in englischer Sprache, bastelte Flugdrachen (die in Afghanistan sehr beliebt sind) und stellte ihre Arbeit auch auf Englisch vor:

Our class talked about Afghanistan in English. We worked on several topics:

  • Where is Afghanistan?
  • The landscape
  • Afghan people
  • School
  • Country and homes
  • Food
  • Having fun

Afghanistan is a republic, its name is The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. There live about 28 million people in different ethnic groups. The two biggest groups are the Pashtuns and the Tajiks. Afghanistan has two main languages, Dari and Pashto. Most people are Muslims.

The capital is Kabul – a 3,000 years old city in the mountain range of Hindu Kush. It was once on the important Silk Road between China and Europe. There live about three million people.

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries. There are many sandstorms, droughts, floods, earthquakes, and there are civil wars. Therefore many people have to flee to other countries such as Pakistan.

A group of people called the Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. They made people follow very strict Islam laws and they forbade girls to go to school. Even nowadays more than half of the girls do not go to school.

We also talked about the landscape, homes, food, and how people have fun (sports, music, games). And we built some kites because Afghan boys like to fly kites and they play a game called kite-fighting.

Have a look at our poster with pictures and some more facts on Afghanistan!