forms of "be"

1) Tom, you hungry? - No, I not, thank you!
2) Where Rick and Tony? - I think they in the pets corner.
3) Why you so bored, children? - There nothing good on TV. - Come on, let´s walk to the park! - That a good idea!
4) Tim, the pony ride free? - No, sir, it . It costs £3,- for children.
5) What colour the chairs in your classroom? - They grey and blue. They look nice!
6) There a new girl in our class. Her name Jenny. I think she nice.
7) On Saturdays I very busy. I do my homework, I go shopping, and I play music with my band. I the saxophone player.
8) Ron and Joe, you from London? - No, sir, we . Ron from Oxford, and I from Bristol.
9) Why the children so excited? - We go to the zoo tomorrow!
10) You a really lovely friend! I like you a lot!
11) Where the monkeys? They in the park, they under the bus, no! They in my bed! Help!
12) Henry, you cold? - No, I hot! Can I open a window, please?
13) Why Jack so sad? - He can´t find his cat! He really scared. Let´s help him find his cat!
14) Tuesday and Thursday great days for me. I ride my horse, and I meet my friend Cathy. That great!
15) Can you climb this tree? No, I can´t, it so big!
16) How you, Mr and Mrs Parker? - We fine, thank you, Tony! Have a nice day!
17) Zoe, this my friend Warren. - Nice to meet you, Warren! - Nice to meet you, too!
18) Tina, you the keyboard player in the band? - Yes, I .
19) What´s the matter, George? - My hamburger cold - yuk! I really angry!
20) In our school there lots of nice children. And we a lovely class, of course! We the best!