? ? ? can - am - is - are - has - have ? ? ?

Tina my best friend. She got long brown hair. She juggle three balls, and she stand on her head. She from Kensington. She got a brother. His name Tim. He nice, I think.

Tamara the Terrible a pirate. She got a parrot on her shoulder. Her ship not very big. She got two strong arms, and so she walk on her hands. She fantastic!

In front of our school there a park. We got lots of trees there. We climb trees, but not the trees in front of our school - they so big.

My friends and I got a band. Its name "The Fantastic Five". Our keyboard player Rick. He play the drums, too. Oliver our saxophone player. He got a new saxophone. Melinda new in our band. She the singer. She sing lots of songs! She got a dog, Blackie. He our mascot. He black, but he got two white legs. He sing, too!

My little brother scared. He thinks there monsters under his bed, and they eat children! He sleep in my bed. There no monsters under my bed!

Tina, you help me? - Sure, Mum. - It Dad´s birthday tomorrow. Let´s have a birthday party! We play games and sing songs. - Yes, great! Let´s a party!