Do / Does / Am / Is / Are / Have / Has ?!

you cold? - No, I´m not.
Tony got a new bike? - Yes, it´s a birthday present.
you know her name? - Yes, it´s "Sandy".
her name Sandy? - Yes, it is.
I late? - No, you aren´t.
Mr Jenkins live next to the park? - Yes, he does.
elephants got big ears? - Yes, they have!
you got a dog? - Yes, we have two Beagles.
Suzie and Tina best friends? - Yes, they are!
you and your family spend the summer in Austria? - Yes, we do.
your dog got a favourite toy? - Yes, it´s an old ball.
Jim wear jeans and sweaters to school? - Yes, sometimes.
monkeys climb trees? - Oh yes, they are wonderful climbers!
I in your team? - Yes, sure!
this a good film? - Oh yes, I love it!
your friends got a laptop? - No, they haven´t.
you do your homework in the afternoon? - Yes, and sometimes in the evening.
Joe like football? - Yes, he plays football every day!
you okay? - Yes, I feel great!
Greg got a car? - Yes, a new Ferrari! He´s very happy!