Do ... ? or Does ... ?

you often wear jeans? - Yes, I do.
Tony buy his own clothes? - Yes, he does.
Mr. Black speak German? - No, he doesn´t.
you like soccer? - Yes, I do.
Sarah eat meat? - No, she doesn´t.
your friends and you like basketball? - No, we don´t.
you know Anna´s boyfriend? - No, I don´t.
Henry spend a lot of time at the playground? - Yes, he does.
Dad tell nice stories? - Yes, he does.
you often work in the garden? - No, I don´t.
horror films scare you? - Yes, they do.
your brother get up early at weekends? - No, he gets up at nine or ten!
you meet your friends at three? - No, we meet at four.
your friend Tina live in the USA? - Yes, she does.
she look pretty in her new dress? - Yes, she does!
your cat climb trees? - No, she doesn´t.
you collect stickers? - Yes, I do.
you buy your clothes in town? - Yes, I do.
Tim come to dinner today? - Yes, he does.
you clean your own room? - Yes, I do.
he feel sick? - No, he doesn´t. He´s tired.
hamsters eat meat? - No, they don´t.
your Mum help you with your homework? - Yes, sometimes.
Anna love Greg? - Yes, I think so!
you think cats are lazy? - Yes, I do!
Sarah and you walk to school? - No, we take the bus.
your friends sometimes watch a football match? - Yes, they do.