"don´t" or "doesn´t" ?

Peter live in London, he lives in Oxford.
I learn Spanish, it´s so difficult!
Harry play the drums, he plays the guitar.
You know the answer, do you?
May and Jenny live with their father, they live in Bristol with their mother.
Mr. Parker ride a horse - he is scared!
Dorothy go shopping, but she often makes a pizza for us.
Henry´s hamster like vegetables, it eats chocolate and ice cream!
The children play in the garden, they are in the park.
We put things in the microwave, Mum like it.
Jenny have lunch with us, she has lunch at home.
Our friends have a barbecue today, Jim takes them to a restaurant.
Bob like mango or kiwis - he like fruit.
Karen and I eat meat.
My sister get up early on Saturday or Sunday.
Greg try to phone her, he knows she is busy now.
I collect things. I think that´s boring.
Harrry watch TV, he goes out and plays football or basketball.
They phone you today, they are so busy.
I meet my friends in the park today, we meet on the playground.
We know the answer - let´s ask Freddy! He is very clever.
Jenny, touch the oven, it´s so hot!
Her boyfriend worry about Susan, he knows she is at home.
Detective Sherlock Groans really find Pepper, does he?
Nelly go shopping at the weekend, there are lots of people in the shops.
We wait at the bus stop, it´s so cold. Let´s wait in the house!
Karen feel well. Let´s get her some tea!
Horror films scare me - pah!