forms of "have"

1) Tamara the Terrible got a parrot on her shoulder. Isn´t it lovely?
2) And she got a big ship? No, she . Her ship is very small.
3) Hank and Fred, the pirates, can´t walk fast. They got strong legs - they got wooden legs.
4) Tina, you got a dog? - No, we . But we got two cats - they are so nice!
5) I got a sister, but I two brothers. Their names are Tom and Simon.
6) Our car is very old. We got a new car, we like our old one!
7) We got a lot of chairs in our classroom. We got a laptop, but we got a computer!
8) Sam is nervous. He a test today.
9) Mrs Jenkins, you got a purple pencil sharpener? - No, sorry, I got a purple one. I got a blue one. - No, thanks. I hate blue.
10) The baby got a lovely teddy bear! Oh no, look - the teddy bear got two eyes, it only got one eye!
11) Mum, can we have a banana, please? - Sorry, I got any bananas, but I got some apples. - Okay, thanks!
12) It´s Frank´s birthday today! He got a fantastic watch, and he a party tomorrow! He is very happy!
13) Oliver is nervous. He got his homework at school - it is at home!
14) I can´t paint the picture, I got my watercolours with me.
15) Our teacher got a new CD for us - it´s Christmas songs!
16) We a great guitarist in our band - it´s Joanna. We got two keyboard players, Simon and Rick, but we got a saxophone player.
17) Joe, you got a paintbrush? - Yes, I a green paintbrush and a pink one. - Give me the green one, please. Green is my favourite colour.
18) I´m hungry - Joe, you got an apple for me? - No, sorry, I . But Tina got a big bar of chocolate!
19) Fido is a clever dog. He lots of good ideas.
20) I can juggle three balls, but I can´t show you. I got any balls here.