1) Dad is hungry. He eats breakfast very quickly.
2) Tina, can you wiggle ears? - Yes, I can - look!
3) Simon is so tall, he can´t touch feet.
4) Tony and Helen like dogs a lot. They often walk to the park with them.
5) We can´t walk on hands.
6) Look at Jim - there is a butterfly on shoulder!
7) My friends have a band. They have a great guitarist in band. It´s Georgina.
8) Tom can stand on head.
9) Marylin feels sick. She can´t carry schoolbag - let´s help her!
10) This dog can´t touch nose with tongue.
11) Sorry, Ma´am, we have forgotten homework!
12) They can´t stand on heads.
13) Mrs Baker can wiggle ears - that looks great!
14) I can touch my nose with tongue!
15) Wendy and I have got a lot of lovely posters in room.
16) Zoe´s arms are so short, she can´t touch feet.
17) We have a great band. The singer of band is Karen.
18) Meet my friend Peter and girlfriend Kristina.
19) On Saturdays we go shopping with parents.
20) Your house looks fantastic! I really love colour.