Klick the correct possessive adjective, please:
my - your - his - her - its - our - your - their

On Sundays Mum eats breakfast in bed.
We like city. We think it´s very nice and beautiful.
I do homework in the afternoon.
Suzie and Ben are in classroom.
Jenny likes duck a lot.
We love little dog.
The children play with rabbit.
I can´t find pencil case!
The crocodile likes food - lots and lots of lovely fish!
Linda often forgets homework - bad girl!
We don´t like chairs - they are so old!
Mr and Mrs Brown like new car.
The gorillas are very hungry. They eat bananas quickly.
Tony puts pen in bag.
“Help!” - “What´s the matter?!” - “There is a snake in bed!”
Henry is very sad. He can´t find dog!
We really like playground. It´s fantastic!
Dan and Steve read books in the evening.
Polly Pim is a pirate. She is great! There are two parrots on shoulder, and ship is really big.
Christopher is eleven, and sister is thirteen.
On Saturday I often go shopping with Mum.
Dad reads newspaper in the morning.