??? my - your - his - her - its - our - your - their ???

1. Ronny is not strong. He can´t carry instruments.
2. “Tina, can you wiggle ears?” - “Yes, I can! Look!” - “Wow, great!”
3. Look at Tamara! There´s a butterfly on shoulder!
4. We are in class 1c. We think classroom looks nice.
5. Wendy has got a horse. She rides horse on Thursdays and Saturdays.
6. The dog is lovely. Look! It can touch nose with tongue!
7. Mandy and Joe can walk on hands!
8. “There is a new girl in our class. What´s name?” - “I think name is Nina.”
9. We are very nervous. We have first Maths test tomorrow!
10. “Tom, please put books in bag.” - “Yes, Ma´am.”
11. Jim and I are good at sports. We can walk on hands!
12. Mr Brown loves big cars. Over there is new car - it´s a Ferrari!
13. The children are hungry. They eat hamburgers really quickly.
14. I really love saxophone. I can play the guitar, too!
15. My desk looks beautiful: legs are white, and there is a laptop on it!
16. Harry can´t stand on head, but he can wiggle ears.
17. Mrs Jenkins loves animals. On Tuesdays she often rides horse.
18. “Can you walk on hands? - “No, I can´t, but I can wiggle ears!”
19. Mum is the best! On Fridays I often clean car. She loves that!
20. The children are sad. They can´t find cat.
21. Little Timmy is scared. He thinks there is a monster under bed.
22. Mum, “Oh no! Look at watch - it´s ten! Go to bed, Zoe!”
23. I´m so excited - it´s birthday today!
24. Sylvie and Mel are very pretty. They have got long hair, and eyes are beautiful.
25. Fred and I love animals. We have got two hamsters and a bird in room.
26. Julia and Marcus feel sick. They are in beds.
27. Tim is angry. He can´t find newspaper. Where is it? It´s in school bag!
28. Sabrina can´t climb trees, but she can stand on head.
29. Karen and Ben have a band. The name of band is “The Terrible Two”.
30. Harry and I are great football players - team is the best!