Prince Sterling´s Birthday

Fill in the correct preposition!

Prince Sterling´s birthday is Saturday. It´s summer, August. It´s August 15th. He is 12 years old, he was born 1997.
The party starts half past three.

One week before the party, August 8th, the servants go to the village. They invite twelve children the morning, they buy 12 beautiful presents the afternoon. They get back to the castle the evening. The king and the servants talk about the party 9 pm.

Two days before the party, August 13th, the servants decorate the big room with the golden fireplace. They start a quarter past one, and they finish eight pm. The room looks fantastic.

The day before the party, Friday, the servants bake wonderful marzipan cakes. They decorate the cakes the evening. They put marzipan roses and little golden crowns on it. Everything is finished, the guests can come!

But, oh no - Saturday seven the morning, the prince feels very very ill! Poor prince!