The horse can count! Fill in the missing verbs, please, and don´t forget: he,she,it - das "s" muss mit :-) !

Joe into town on his horse, Jolly.
Today he to a lot of things for the winter.
There an old shop.
It Old Fred´s shop.
Old Fred everything.
Joe thought_bubble3.GIF , "Jolly strong. Jolly a lot."
And he a little song.
Joe into the shop.
Jolly outside and some hay.
"Hi, Fred", Joe shoutbubble.jpg . "How you"?
"I fine, Joe," Fred .
"Good to you. What I for you?"
"Well, I to a lot of things today."
"Great," Fred , "OK, so what would you ?"
"Well, first I 40 kilos of beans. Beans my favourite food."
"Right. Beans. 40 kilos. What else?"
"Then I 20 kilos of rice."
"OK, rice nice," Fred , and he .
"And I carrots for my rabbits. 30 kilos, please."
"Sure," Fred . "No problem. Anything else?"
"Hmmm," Joe , "let me ."
Jolly outside, and he to Joe and Fred.
He thought_bubble3.GIF , "40 kilos of beans and 20 kilos of rice. That 60 kilos.
And 30 kilos of carrots … hmm. That 90 kilos!"
Then he Joe. "And I 50 kilos of potatoes."
"140 kilos!!!" Jolly thought_bubble3.GIF . "Joe them - not me!"
And he back home.
Ten minutes later, Joe out of the shop.
Jolly not there. "Hey, Jolly!" Joe shoutbubble.jpg . " here!"
But Jolly can´t him.
When Joe back to the farm, Jolly under the big apple tree.
"Five kilometres in five hours. Man, that really slow!" Jolly thought_bubble3.GIF .