Click: don´t, doesn´t, isn´t, aren´t, am not, can´t :( ?

I have breakfast.
Tim scared of the film.
I cold, I want to wear the sweater!
Jim feel well - he :( go to school today.
You :( speak to Fernando, he speak English.
Our cat climb trees - she is very lazy!
Our car very fast - it´s old!
We late, the bus is early!
I :( climb trees, but I can juggle four balls!
I busy, I have a lot of work to do today.
I live next to the park, I live near our school.
Leo happy - he :( find his dog!
Mum like the picture.
I want a new bike, my bike old.
Sandra like animals.
The children at home, they are out in the park.
Nelly :( come to my house, her Dad at home.
I have a ruler - can I have yours?
Greg :( find his paintbrush.
I like spinach!
Linda want to open the window, she is cold.
Mum buy chocolate, she says it good for us.
We :( carry an elephant - we are not that strong!
Zoe and I :( help you - ask Jenny! She is so clever!
Brenda collect garden gnomes, she collects stickers.
We play football today, it´s so cold.
The dinner lady like Chris - he´s so unfriendly.