Let´s go to see CRAZYTOWN again!

People (haben nicht) five fingers, they (haben) four fingers.
Mr Space (geht nicht) to work by bus, he (geht) there in his UFO.
Jack (spielt nicht) tennis with a tennis ball, he (spielt) with apples!
Mrs Hopps (sitzt nicht) on the chair, she (steht) on it - on one hand!
It (ist) Jenny´s birthday, but she (ist nicht) happy, she (ist) sad!
People (putzen nicht) their teeth with toothpaste, they (putzen) them with glue.
Jim (fühlt sich) terrible, but he (arbeitet) in bed.
Dogs (essen nicht) dog food, they (essen) other dogs! Isn´t that terrible?!
Ken (geht nicht) to school by bus, he (geht) to school on his motorbike.
Squirrels (können nicht klettern) trees, they (fallen) out of trees.
Jim (spielt nicht) soccer with his friends, he (spielt) with Conny, the cow.
Rabbits (essen nicht) carrots, they (essen) roses.
Cat (sind nicht) lazy, they (spielen) basketball in the afternoons.
Mick the mouse (mag nicht) cheese, he (liebt) sausages.
In Crazytown hamsters (sind) very clever - they (können lesen) books!
Cars (sind nicht) fast, but tractors (sind) very very very very fast!
Steve (geht nicht) to school, he (lernt) English on telly.
Kim (sammelt nicht) stickers, she (sammelt) hearts.
Cows in Crazytown (geben nicht) milk, they (kaufen) it in a shop.
It (ist) Teddy´s birthday today, so he (gibt) lots of presents to his friends.
Mrs Mint (trinkt nicht) tea for breakfast, she (trinkt) chicken juice.
Frieda the frog (isst nicht) insects, she (liebt) pizza.
The telephone (läutet nicht) it (schreit) like an owl.
Barney the bear (ist) very strong - he (kann tragen) a helicopter!
You (kannst finden) carrots in trees !
Kitty the cat (mag nicht) cat food, she (mag) ice cream with onions.
People (nicht putzen) their teeth with a toothbrush, they use umbrellas!
Mr Parker (nicht essen) eggs for breakfast, he (isst) sausages with honey.
You (kannst nicht sehen) pictures on your laptop, but your laptop (kann sprechen) .
I (bin nicht) sad not to live in Crazytown - (bist) you?