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is - are - am


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Wähle aus der Liste aus und du erfährst sofort ob die Antwort richtig oder falsch ist. 
War die Antwort falsch kannst du das ? anklicken und es erscheint die richtige Lösung. 

How are you today? - I  fine, thank you.
Where the girls?  
You my best friend.
John in the classroom?
Oh no, we  not tired.  
Who that boy?
You  late this morning, Peter!
What colour  your new shoes?
Look, there  a big, black dog in our garden!
you sleepy, John?
Where my schoolbag? 
They at school this afternoon. 
Where my socks? 
Peter and Mary not at home now. 
You a good boy.
Where you, Susan? -
- Here I , Mummy!
What colour your new car?